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Equinix Metal

Equinix Metal fully supports with its Custom iPXE operating system.


Select the "Custom iPXE" operating system from the portal, or the custom_ipxe slug when using the API.


Put the URL in the text field that appears in the portal, or use the ipxe_script_url parameter when creating the device via the API.

Press "Deploy" to provision your device. It will take 2-3 minutes for the device to become active. Once it's online, connect to Equinix Metal's out-of-band serial-over-SSH service (S.O.S.) using the device's id and the facility where the device was deployed, e.g. ewr1.

ssh {server-uuid}@sos.{facility-code}

The current list of facilities is here. The iPXE menu will appear and you can complete installation from there.

By default, devices are set to boot from the local disk. During provisioning, Equinix Metal sets the next boot to PXE. This happens once, which means that if you don't install an operating system before rebooting, it won't reload the menu. However, you can set your device to always boot to iPXE first by enabling that option under 'server actions' through the customer portal.


Devices that are provisioned via Custom iPXE will be able to DHCP for the life of the device; however, Equinix Metal recommends configuring networking statically. IP address information can be found by querying from the host.

More information on how Equinix Metal configures bonding can be found here.

Nameservers should be configured as: