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Boot using VMware

VMware Fusion

These instructions are for setting up in a VM on VMware's Fusion for MacOS.

Create the VM

  • Add a new virtual machine.
  • Select "Install from disc or image".
  • Click on "Use another disk or disc image...".
  • Download and select the ISO.
  • On the Choose Operating System Screen, select the OS type you are planning on installing. If you plan on testing multiple types of installs, you can just choose a CentOS 64-bit OS.
  • Click the "Customize Settings" and give the VM a name, like "".

This will create your VM.

Running the VM

You'll need to adjust the memory settings of the VM to ensure you'll have enough memory to run the OS installers in memory. Typically it's good to bump the memory up to 2GB to 4GB.

  • Click the wrench icon and click on Processors & Memory and bump up the memory to the desired amount of memory.
  • Start the VM up and you should see the loader.
  • If you determine you no longer want to boot from, you can either change the boot order to boot from the hard drive by default or delete the ISO from the VM.