Vultr has some great support for using right out of the box.

Boot from ISO

Once you've logged into the console, select ISOs. In the remote URLs box, enter in the URL of a ISO and press upload:

Go back to the main console screen and press "Deploy New Instance". Follow these steps:

The instance should be online in a few minutes. Once it's online, go to the main account page that lists all of your instances. Click Manage next to the instance you just launched, and then click View Console under Server Actions. When the console appears, you should see the iPXE menu.

When you've completed the OS installation, select Custom ISO from the Server Manager page and click Remove ISO. The ISO will be removed from your instance and it will reboot.

Boot from iPXE Chain URL

Using an iPXE chain url may be easier for some users. Follow these steps:

The instance will boot within a few minutes. Once it boots, you'll have five minutes to launch a console and choose an option from the menu:

Once you've finished the installation, reboot the instance as you normally would. Vultr will automatically reboot your virtual machine into the OS you deployed.