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First of all, thank you for supporting the community and for considering contributing to the project!

How to Contribute#

Because supports many different operating systems and utilities, it takes work and time to keep the many options updated. Distributions may add a new version of the operating system, locations of files can change, and versions might go end of life and drop off the mirrors.

The end goal is to support as many operating systems as possible so that it's really easy to go explore new operating systems and tools from one location.

What can I do to help?#

Help us keep updated#

If you noticed one of your favorite operating system or tool has been updated, feel free to open a Pull Request to get the operating system updated. It will be reviewed and merged once validated.

Add support for new OS and Utilities#

Do you have a favorite utility that you use often but isn't on Feel free to request it being added or submit a Pull Request.

Ask your OS distribution to become netboot friendly#

If you don't see support for your favorite distribution in, please open up an issue with and if possible, open up an issue with the distribution.

Ask for the distribution to provide a way to load installer kernels from their mirror directly or provide key files from their release ISO somewhere that is accessible over HTTP. This usually might be a vmlinuz, an initrd, and potentially a rootfs and could be extracted and hosted on the mirror when the release is generated. Providing these allows not only to load the installer from a supported and trusted location but also users to do the same from their own PXE servers. In this day and age as physical media is less necessary, having the option to pull files as needed is much more efficient especially when you may have limited bandwidth.

Submit ideas#

We are always looking for new ideas to make the tool more useful, if you have an idea, feel free to open up a Github issue or open up a Pull Request.

Communication Channels#

  • Discord Chat Server for discussions, questions, and development
  • Follow us on Twitter at @netbootxyz for the latest updates


We have set up an Open Collective to open the project up to those who wish to donate to help out the project. This may cover hosting and domain fees, hardware for validation testing, or anything else that comes up in maintaining a project like this. Every little bit will help! If you enjoy the work we do, please support us!

Enjoy and have fun!#