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Boot using iPXE

NIC with Embedded iPXE

If you've already compiled your own iPXE, you can load up the menu easily by entering CTRL-B when prompted, setting DHCP and then chainloading iPXE:

chain --autofree

If you don't have DHCP on your network, you can manually set your network information:

set net0/ip <ip>
set net0/netmask <netmask>
set net0/gateway <gateway>
set dns <nameserver>
ifopen net0
chain --autofree

Some iPXE builds do not support HTTPS connections. If you get an "Operation not supported" error message, run this instead:

chain --autofree


On VPSes that use KVM, you can usually connect to the VPS via VNC, reboot it, press escape while rebooting to get a boot menu, then select the iPXE option. Once iPXE has started, press Ctrl-B and follow the instructions above.