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Site Updates

· 2 min read

It has been a while since an update, but the main site has a new look to it. I switched from using Hugo to using Docusaurus. I also moved the blog from Ghost to simplify things. I started down this path a while back and recently got around to polishing it all up and pushing it out. I plan on building out more content and docs over time to make it a great resource for everything netboot related. At some point, I still would like to get some updated pictures, logos, etc as well but those are a much lower priority.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the community to this day. I originally started the project to create a quick way to install and test operating systems on VMs without having to download media and mount it everytime I needed to boot a new OS. It is great to see that it is helping out others on a day to day basis. We recently crossed 150,000 main menu loads over the past 30 days so it is great to see it being used worldwide.

If you enjoy using, please give us a star on GitHub and follow us on Twitter. Please also consider supporting the project by donating to the GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective. It helps us pay for infrastructure hosting and other costs like testing hardware, new architectures, and maintaining the project.

We also have over 400 users in our Discord and have a Github Discussion Board where you can ask questions and discuss

More to come!